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The Japanese version of this game (original) is in a state where distribution has been stopped and cannot be done. Is it possible to distribute the Japanese version?


The games are still being reuploaded by fans, you can get them here:

Thank you very much for your kind link, I wish you all the best!!


My heart is exploding at the very sight of this. Such a hyper emotional, earnest story with tons of glitz and heartbreak. Thank you for making more people can enjoy it.


All I can say is... Thank you so, so much for translating this game. You did an amazing job at translating all the poems and quotes. This is a confusing but interesting experience. And some of us believe it's a game made out of many genuine feelings... So, again, thank you so much. For bringing Parun and Towelket games closer to us.


OMG an actual heisei pistol show translation! Thank you so much!!!


Thank you for translating Heisei Pistol Show. Can't wait to replay it with actual translations this time. 

As a long time fan of Parun this is really appreciated, you're a blessing. Thanks to all of the team for the hard work!


Rest in piece Parun.