A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Devil of the Mirror (鏡ノ悪魔) - a short puzzle/horror game made by Tokiiro Kaeru (時彩 蛙) in the year of 2017. 


Striving to escape her futile existence, a lonely and sick girl is performing a spell upon a mirror, wishing for friends and for a better life... But she didn't know that the mirror she used was holding a demonic entity in it. Will that spell be a blessing for the girl... or a curse?

The game contains:

* Gorgeous arts and backgrounds

* Video movies

* Simple, but touching story

* Playtime that varies from 30 minutes to 3 hours

* 4 endings

Note 1: The game wasn't made by us (Patchy Illusion Team), but we have the developer's permission to translate and share it.

Note 2 (important!): The game movies have been fixed, and they are supposed to work now for both Windowed and Fullscreen modes. In case anybody got crashes on movies, please tell us about it in the comments or through direct message.

Warning: the game contains dark themes, mentions of death, animal death and drug abuse.


Game's page on freem:


Official developer's page:


Developer's twitter:


Translators page:


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(65 total ratings)
AuthorPatchy Illusion Team
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Anime, Dark, Female Protagonist, Horror, Magic, Pixel Art, RPG Maker


Direct link: Devil of the Mirror (English translation) 132 MB
MEGA link: Devil of the Mirror (English translation)
Mediafire link: Devil of the Mirror (English translation)
Puzzle solutions and Endings.txt 2 kB

Install instructions

How to launch the game:

1. Download the game's archive.

2. Unpack the game's folder from the archive.

3. Launch the game with "Fullscreen" or "Windowed" launcher (you can also launch the game with "Player.exe" in the "Data" folder. However, the video movies won't be played in that case).

How to launch the game on Linux:

1.Download the Easy RPG Player

2. Go to game folder and open Data folder

3. Open terminal in Data folder and type "easyrpg-player" 

Unfortunately, you won't be able to watch the movies while playing on emulator. You can still watch them separately in the "Movies" folder.

How to launch the game on Mac:

1. Download the mac version of Easy RPG (https://easyrpg.org/player/downloads/#release-macos)

2. Simply extract the zip file to uncover the application, then move the application over into the Data folder of the game. 

3. Launch the EasyRPG Player (now inside the Data folder) and the application will prompt you to grant EasyRPG Player permission to access your desktop/wherever you had decided to download the game. Simply grant permission and the game should work!!

How to play on Android:

1. Get the Easy RPG Player from Google store

2. Download the game and put the main game's folder ("Data" folder by default) into the "easyrpg/games" directory

3.Launch the EasyRPG application and choose the game (the movies won't be played on EasyRPG!)

*better rename the "Data" folder you've just moved there into something else (the game's name, for example), so if you move more "data" folders they won't overwrite each other

p.s: check the "ReadMe" file before playing the game, please.

Development log


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Patchy,im a firefox user and my file wont open,im using a computer,what can i do?

Do you have winrar program installed? If no, download it, then unpack the archive.

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Hey Patchy Illusion Team i have a  question for you about your Devil of The Mirror Game does your Game have Mario and The Music Box Vibe i Just Wanna give that question out to you Mario) The Music Box (Game) | Team Ari Mario The Music Box Wikia | Fandom

This Game Patchy Illusion Team

Hands down best rpg maker I've ever played.

Is this the same guy that made Pocket Mirror?


Sim, eu amei o jogo <3

Yeah, I loved the game <3


OKAY NOW THAT I FINISHED THE GAME AND GOT ALL ENDINGS, I loved it. The visuals, the music, the story, everything is 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if this is a problem from my PC or this game, but my progress files keeps on disappearing right after the moment where the player is Shuni's perspective :(

But, the story is nice, interesting and I love the easter eggs. 

1. Did you put the game's folder in the C disk, or somewhere near the system folders probably (the ones that do require administrator permission)? Try to move it to disk D, or (in case you have only one disk) to one of the user folders (Downloads, Documents etc.)

2. Did you unpack the game from the archive before playing?

Ohhh, I didn't, now I understand what was wrong! Thanks for replying, I'll reinstall it and continue playing it! :

(1 edit)

I'm trying to follow the instructions to open this game on my PC, but I constantly get the error message that the RPG_RT.exe file is not in the Data folder, even though I've already downloaded the rpg_rt 2003 file.

You aren't launching the game from the archive, right? Did you unpack it?

I was able to unpack the game after I switched from using 7Zip to WinZip, and I was able to play the game afterwards.


Hi, can you help me please?

while playing I was told to press 'enter/z' but I can't find the button... please anyone know?

btw I'm an Android user

Yo. It's the A button, if you mean Easy RPG Player (aka the action button).

Oh,thank you much

hermoso juego lo ame 

I downloaded the game but it won't go into full-screen mode for some reason when I press F4 it stretches a bit but everything (visuals and text) of the game are blurred and the quality is destroyed. Can somebody help me?

Well, yeah, it should look a bit blurred while in Fullscreen mode, that's how rpgmaker 2000 works, unfortunately. 

Now, if it's really blurred, that's a problem. Can you make a screenshot of how it looks?

Also, you can try to play with the .exe properties, too (especially the ones below that are about scaling, resolution and stuff).

I'll try to post a screenshot but yea it's not blurred to the point of not understanding but to be honest even in small screen its a super nice game and imma play it no matter what lmao. But yes I will take a screenshot and post it here. Thank you so much for replying and explaining this to me. <3

You can try playing it on emulator if it bothers you too much. The movies won't be played, but the graphics would look a bit nicer.


Ok thank you so much <3

I Thought it would be an android too?


It is. 

I added instructions for playing on android in the installation section, in case somebody has troubles with that.


The story kind of makes me think of mogeko castle and ib in a sense.  But nonetheless it's a beautiful game with the right amount of creepyness (some of them made me spook) and a touch of heart











Their roles fits with another from other games.

Cher = defective mogeko from mogeko castle, they act as a guide and protector to the protagonist.

Shuni = Garry from Ib, the sensible yet a bit cautious, also acts as the muscle (pushing/ carry heavy objects), one ending had him sacrifice for Ib to escape. 

Rose= Ib and Yonaka, curious by nature, have their own wishes to fulfil while one has theirs the other had a twist.

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Holy the visual is so good

(1 edit) (+1)

This was such an amazing game, visual & story wise. Finished it yesterday, played it again today. The puzzles weren't too hard, the overall atmosphere was beautiful, the ambient music gave me the chills. I could feel some inspiration from IB & Pocket Mirror, which only got me more excited. I admit that I *was* expecting the twists, but it was satisfying seeing everything unfold. I got all 4 endings but I still don't feel like there's a "Happy" ending..

















In the ending "A promise that cannot be fulfilled" Cher and Shuni were left back into the mirror world, only for Shuni to follow Rose and then "die" in front of her.

In the ending "In the mirror, forever" Rose was trapped by the demon.

In the ending "Extinguished Candle" Rose strayed from her path and got either killed or trapped by the demon.

In the ending "The girl who became the devil" Rose lost her sanity and became the demon herself.

I may be misunderstanding a few things, but I assumed that they died because of the red splatter on the screen. While I know they almost never make sequels, I'd love to see one! I don't hate the endings, the fact that there's no "Happily ever after" only makes this game better. Usually all games have a "Happy" ending, but this one is different. I absolutely loved it! 100% recommended, thank you for translating this masterpiece!


We're glad you liked it! And yeah, you've got everything almost right regarding the endings (there're a bit more details to them actually, but we won't tell them just yet since a remake is already out, and it seems like things were explained a bit better in it + the remake has some new endings as well, that expand the lore a little).

p.s: if you still can edit your message, can you pls put the spoilers several lines down, so the other users won't see the first sentences?

(2 edits) (+1)

I think (spolilers)

"The girl who became the devil" may be considered as "true" ending. Cause it reveals that dark side of Rose that  we didn't see in other 3 endings and gives better understanding of what really happened.


Of course, I agree with your statement. I also feel like ***SPOILERS***








Rose has a dark side, considering all the things she did before she went to the mirror world. Despite of her circumstances, her actions weren't what you'd call "normal", she definitely had a thing for macabre things, which only escalated when the demon entered. But that only gives me more questions... What if there never was a "Demon"? What if the "Demon" was her all along? Rose could just be a very mentally ill person, hallucinating and the "Demon" could be her mental illness. I don't know honestly... All theories aside, I'm glad you replied :> I really wanted to share my thoughts about this game with other people, thanks for giving me that chance!

(1 edit) (+1)

Always welcome! None of my friends are into this kind of games, so i'm very glad to share my thoughts too.
spoilers again))

What if there never was a "Demon"? - that's exactly what i figured after achieving that ending! It turns out that Rose died in front of magical mirror, and her reflection was traveling in the Mirror World, so returning to normal world was never an option... at least, as a human being...
And Cher really misunderstood her "kindness". For Rose that was not "pity for a dying animal", but "opportunity to make beautiful funeral"...
Do you know about first game made by Tokiiro Kaeru - "Burial"? It's a very gloom and complicating story as well.



Wow I never realised Rose died so early in the game... Thank you very much for sharing! I had no idea, still that only makes the story better. I recently played Burial! I only got two endings, 2 & 4 so I'm gonna play it again to get the other two and figure out the entire story.

(2 edits) (+1)

Tokiiro really loves the funeral theme. Their games have probably the darkest atmosphere ever.
I've played Pocket mirror couple days ago, got bad endings for all 4 girls(( The game itself is spectacular, but location of saveboxes is terribly inconvеnient. But i still will play again to get good ending.

OMG... Is this game made by the same maker of Ib?


Also I caught an error look like this after running from the spides (?) and the girl rest on the sofa...

(4 edits)

Really weird, it's first time I see an error like this Oo 

Did you unpack the game from the archive?

But could you manage to proceed further? Also, what os do you use (windows, linux, mac etc)?

Also, no, the game isn't by Ib creator.

Did any stat you know in-game was decreasing, cause that seems like some float var has been tried to Fvar/0

(2 edits) (+1)


Are you responsible for the translation of the game Devil of the Mirror If yes, can you give me advice on how to translate?  I'm currently trying to translate the game into my native language Vietnamese, but I haven't been able to resolve the game's font through your translation. 

I love this game very much and want to bring it to my country.  Looking forward to your reply and help soon !

Hi. Unfortunately, RPGMaker 2000 doesn't support vietnamese font by default, but there's a solution for that. Check out this article: https://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/2503/

Basically, you have to create your own font for this (but first check out, that there's no vietnamese font patch for RM2000 already, so your efforts won't be in vain).

I never tried to change the RM2000 fonts so I have zero experience in that regards, but as far as I know, it's the only option.

Thank you, thanks to your idea I was able to do this 

You're welcome! Good luck with the translation.

(1 edit)

When it comes to preparing items to cast spells, can you tell me what the first item is? It has lost most of the characters...

I don't really want to spoiler, but I couldn't find a dm message option, so...

it's substitute


thanks for the translation! the ending is painful to every part of my being

writings are so blurry and full screen is not working

Can you show a screenshot of the writings? 

Also, what does it say when launching fullscreen mode?

press f4


Thank you again for translating this game. I enjoyed it very much.

Two very minor things:

When entering text, the keyboard with foreign letters appears first, though it can be resolved by selecting the ABC on the screen.

Choosing a certain option at the beginning of the game, the dialogue that follows, 'first' is misspelled as 'firs'


Thanks for the feedback, we'll fix it.

Regarding the keyboard, it's supposed to be like that. 

(2 edits) (-1)

can you explain, if the game came out in 2017, why is only published now? do you mean you only translated it and published it as the english version but the original Japanese game came in 5 years ago? 
I assume you got the developer permission before doing this? i'm not attacking you, i'm just interested about the learning process, these days you need permission for anything wte its a song used in your video, animation, pictures or etc...

(1 edit)

Because we found out about this game just now? Oo 

(1 edit) (-2)

But did you gain permission of the Developer to work on translation and repost his work. 

Well, since it's already mentioned above, I guess so Oo

good for you then, well done with the translation, keep up the good work. hope you planning to translate the second part as well.

Thank you!


Apk File Game On Android Pls!


Honestly, I'm not sure anybody of us or even the dev are capable of doing that.


apk file for android 🙏


Where can I read the fairytales?


You can't, it's just titles.

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Running the game kinda fullscreen on windows is much smoother with this tool. Just run the game windowed and press alt+f11. But still slower then using  player.exe



Here's my first video on it.

For some reason, the files are downloading as notes so if someone can help me with that it'd be nice


Weird question, but do you have winrar/winzip installed? 

Also, what os are you on?

im playing the game in full screen on windows, and once i get to the red text saying im the fake the game says "No such interface supported" And I can't continue?


nevermind, unfullscreening it worked

Hello, I can't get the game to run whatsoever. I'm on a mac, and whenever I try to play the game it just takes me to the game folder with no option of opening the game.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi.  Easy RPG Player has a Mac build, you can get it from here: https://easyrpg.org/player/downloads/#release-macos

Please, tell me if it works fine, and how do you use it, so I could add the info to the instruction section.

Hello! Don't know whether anyone still needs a guide to get the game to work on a mac, but I'll just leave a comment here!

Like the developer has mentioned, a mac user will first need to download the mac version of Easy RPG. Then, simply extract the zip file to uncover the application, then move the application over into the Data folder of the game. Launch the EasyRPG Player (now inside the Data folder) and the application will prompt you to grant EasyRPG Player permission to access your desktop/wherever you had decided to download the game. Simply grant permission and the game should work!!


Haven't gotten to playing the game, but I figured I should drop this comment here just in case another mac user has problems!

Thank you! I'll add it to the installation section.

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i have Solutions for linux user
first if you want run it  use easyRPG palyer
1- go to game folder  and open data folder

2- open terminal in data folder and type easyrpg-player
and enjoy
about movie well you will not watch it because they tell you can't play video so yes you will not see it aleast that what happen to me

I'll add you into the manual section, if you don't mind.

Deleted 1 year ago

i see it but you must tell them to downlaod easyRPG player first

1- download easyRPG player
2-go to game folder  and open data folder

3-open terminal in data folder and type easyrpg-player

 about movie .....

sorry for my bad english

Easy RPG Player is already included into the Data folder (it's called "player.exe"), hence they don't need to download it again... I presume? 

Are you on Linux? Did you try to launch the game with it?

.exe files is for windows only
and this game made for windows not linux and i give you solution to run it on linux
you can't run player.exe that why you must download easyrpg-player and follow the setps
yes i use linux and play it and it work with easyrpg player but as i said you can't see movie that what happen to me

Oh, I see. Thanks for the info, I'll add it as well.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

puts, não consigo baixar no Linux

Uma instrução para Linux está agora na secção do manual.


I can't download it on my phone :(

same here, the .rar doesn't have a .apk file...


The game's really interesting and the story has me intrigued as well. I hope the original devs of the game is willing to go back into the game and fix the issues that is in the game. Otherwise, great translation.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Unfortunately, there's almost zero chance for the movie issues to be fixed. Videos work really troublesome in RPG Maker 2000, and hardly depend on user's PC setups. Perhaps, that's why almost nobody uses it.

The good news is that the dev's remaking the game on RM MV, so it (hopefully) won't have such issues.

Is there an english guide? I don't know how to use the official game web page coz I don't speak Japanese


Puzzles and Endings guide has been added to the download section.

Thank you !


This is really good! The little girl reminds me of the witches house. Thank you for translating into English! I couldn't get Ending one... is there a guide? 

(2 edits) (+2)

Thank you for the video, too! 

I added the documentation on how to get all the endings into the downloads section.


Thank you! I thought you have to pick up the rabbit doll or something. :)

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I have a problem with full screen. Can yu help me?


What's the problem?


new gamee