A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

This game is an RPG Maker MV remake of the original Devil of the Mirror (鏡ノ悪魔) by Tokiiro Kaeru (時彩 蛙), made in the year of 2021. The new  version includes some new graphic assets and sprites, two additional endings, a bit more extended story, and international language support.


Striving to escape her futile existence, a lonely and sick girl is performing a spell upon a mirror, wishing for friends and for a better life... But she didn't know that the mirror she used was holding a demonic entity in it. Will that spell be a blessing for the girl... or a curse?

The game contains:

* Gorgeous arts and backgrounds

* Video movies

* Simple, but touching story

* 6 endings

* Playtime that varies from 30 minutes to 3 hours

Note 1: The game wasn't made by us (Patchy Illusion Team), but we have the developer's permission to translate and share it.

Note 2 : We haven't got a possibility to check, if the game could be launched on Mac or Linux, so if anybody could test it, we would be grateful if they let us know on the outcomes.

Warning: the game contains dark themes, mentions of death, animal death and drug abuse.


Game's page on freem:


Official developer's page:


Developer's twitter:


Translators page:


PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorPatchy Illusion Team
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Anime, Dark, Female Protagonist, Horror, Magic, Pixel Art, RPG Maker


Direct link: Devil of the Mirror Remake English 272 MB
MEGA link: Devil of the Mirror Remake English
Mediafire link: Devil of the Mirror Remake English
Devil of the Mirror Remake (Linux version).rar 304 MB

Install instructions

How to launch the game:

1. Download the game's archive.

2. Unpack the game's folder from the archive.

3. Launch the "Game.exe" in the game's folder.

How to play on Android:

1. Get the Joiplay emulator from https://joiplay.cyou or from Google Store.

2. Download the game and unpack it (remember the location).

3. Launch the Joiplay, press on the button marked with "+". In the "Executable File", choose the "Game.exe" file in the game's unpacked folder. Then press "Add", and then the game should be playable.

*pay attention: it's is possible that the movies won't be played on the emulator as intended.

p.s: check the "ReadMe" file before playing the game, please.

Development log


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for some reason whenever i try to extract the files in order to even play the game the extraction process fails and gives me this error screen. I've already played the original and i wanted to play the remaster in order to get the two new endings because i really enjoyed the game (in the 2 hours it took me to complete the original) is there a way to fix this. am i missing a file or something and that's why its not working? please help.


Hello, apologies for the delayed response.

It appears that the software you are using for extracting the file is having problems handling it. I asked around and even extracted the files myself using 7-zip, and I did not encounter any issues. Some people have told me they have been having issues with extracting files after a Windows Update, so perhaps this is related to that. However, keep in mind that, since I could not replicate the problem, I am unable to confirm this theory.

In any case, I would recommend trying another software for extracting the file. Hopefully this will solve your problem.

Please do write again if you're still unable to play the game!

thank you so much for the help. i did what you said, using 7-zip as the extractor and i finally got the files to extract and the game to run. once again thank you so much. 

You're welcome! I'm glad my advice worked out in the end.

The game freezes up whenever it has to play a video. (Context: I'm playing the mega.nz download version...)

Try this version (just transfer your saves from the bugged one to the same folder).

Still getting the same problem... :(

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Just to clarify, do you play it on pc or phone? Also, you did unpack all the game from the rar archive, right?

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I play on PC and yes, I fully unpack all the files, and place it in it's own folder in my Games Folder. 

Edit, as of 17/07/2023: Huh now it's working??? I has to restart my laptop for some updates, and then, on a whim, I opened up the game, and used the save file that was close to ending one, and the video played fine then. Maybe it was a problem on my part. In that case, I'm sorry for the trouble, and I greatly appreciate you translating this game~

That's okay, it's not your problem but apparently something with the engine itself that makes videos to freeze randomly. Anyways, I'm glad it works now, and thank you for playing!

Absolutely wonderful! LOVED IT!

It says that nw_elf.dll is missing and no matter which one I download from it still doesnt work. >_< help?

Sorry for the late response, did you manage to solve the problem? Also, did you unpack the game before playing?


This game was amazing! Totally worth my time! the only small issue is when I collected the northern doll it said the "nouthern doll". just a grammar mistake but it triggered me slightly.

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I don't what to do in this one, did I miss a step? 

pls help

When exactly does this happen?

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After I did the instructions, I boot the game and that's the first thing i see.

Download one of the older Joiplay versions from here, the last one is broken


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It works now! Thanks!

I downloaded the v.1.01.06

Edit: v.1.00.15 that only works for me cus' everytime I tried to press the 'z' button in other versions, they crash, only music was playing.

Anyways, this are the other versions that didn't work to me:

 v.1.01.06, v.1.01.430, and v.1.00.15

So I’m a little confused about some of the endings?












In particular, End 1- was Roze the devil all along? Is the devil an alternate version of Roze from another parallel world?  Did she become a serial killer to make all those graves and coffins?

Also, in End 2, why does Roze see a bunch of alternate versions of her that died like the dolls?

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Patchy-illusion how do I make .rar file work on Android Tablet

Check the Android installation instructions. Not sure it will work on a tablet though.

Can you translate it to Indonesian?😅


If only we knew Indonesian lol


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Hey, I don't think the game should softlock after obtaining Ending 4 in fullscreen.

EDIT: I was also going for the final ending: after I interacted with the rabbit toy for the second time, I played up until the scene in which Roza sleeps on the sofa. The game softlocked there, too. This happens in both windowed mode and fullscreen.

Edit 2: I got past the sofa scene by deleting the offending video.

Hi. Try downloading this version and transfer your saves there, it should work fine.

How i play it at mobile/phone ? I try use easyrpg 2000 but i cant

Sadly, I don't think you can. EasyRPG's intended for 2000 or 2003 games, while the the remake's made in RPG Maker MV.

owhh.. i thought.. well thanks anyway

How to play on Android:

1. Get the Joiplay emulator from https://joiplay.cyou or from Google Store.

2. Download the game and unpack it (remember the location).

3. Launch the Joiplay, press on the button marked with "+". In the "Executable File", choose the "Game.exe" file in the game's unpacked folder. Then press "Add", and then the game should be playable.


Not sure about iphones, though.


Hello, the game freezes for each of my save files right after the dolls chase and the main character falls asleep. I've deleted and redownloaded the game but it still has the same problem. Help please ?

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Update : It works on android but not on pc (i was playing on pc earlier). It freezed right before the first cutscene on pc.

Hi. Can you please transfer the saves from the current version to this one, give it a try, and tell if everything works fine?


Hello, i downloaded the version you linked and transferred my save files but the same problem happened again.

However, when I create a new save file, it works (the cutscene plays correctly). Thanks for the new version ^^

Hi! It crashes both for me and my friend in the scene where Shuni chases Roze after she leaves from the mirror. The music stops and the game goes unresponsive.

Hi, I presume there's a problem with the movies. Can you try this version and tell us, if the problem persists? (Just transfer save files from "www/saves" folder to the same one in the older version).

It worked for us, thank you.

Hi! I was thinking of downloading the remake after playing the original Devil of the Mirror with my friends, but was wondering if there, by any chance, is an ending guide similar to the one in original version? 

Sure, there's a walkthrough text file in the game's archive.

When this game is available for linux?

Linux version was added to the download links. Tell us if it works fine pls.

Hi,  I'm trying to play from android with joyplay and when I run it it says that "Failed to execute getimagedata on canvasrenderingcontext2D: the canvas has been tainted by cross-origin data.    

Idk why so can u help me pls i see some pretty good reviews here so I wanna try it out 

Have you unpacked the game from the archive before adding it to the emulator?

Yes I did but doesn't work

I tried to download it again but still doesn't work

This error seems like related to html, I have no clues how this could be related to the rmaker project at all Oo 

Have you tried reinstalling the emulator and unpack the game to other location?

Just found out that people experience problems with newer joiplay versions, though I'm not sure if it's the same problem you have. Anyway, check out this thread and try to install the older joiplay builds:


Now it works thanks 

Yes I think it's a problem whit the latest version , thanks for the help

There's an untranslated part when a statue catches up to Shuni and they get trapped in a room. What does it mean?

Oops, sorry for that, this is gonna be fixed. As for the text, Shuni says there "Huh...? This is a completely different place..."

glad to see this game in the remake, I really enjoyed the game.  I hope Burial gets a remake too


Loved playing through the remake just as much if not more than the original! Thank you for translating this game again Patchy Illusion Team! <3 

Thank you for the stream, too!


A great game, with an intriguing narrative. I haven't done the other endings yet, but from what I've played, I really liked it. Congratulations on bringing this game to the west.


Glad you liked it. And thanks for the playthrough!